The Space-Time Continuum

Year 2000 Meeting Topics

Note: All meetings take place at the Palmerston Library, 560 Palmerston Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. Meetings are usually held on the third Saturday of the month with the occasional exception. Please check this page regularly for updates on the meeting dates and topics.

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Date of Meeting Topic Presenter
January 15th, 12:00 pm Helliconia Spring by Brian Aldiss Tom Gamblin
February 26th, 12:00 pm Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank Rebecca Nelson
March 25th, 12:00 pm The Giver by Lois Lowery Wes Brower
April 15th, 12:00 pm Sailing to Sarantium by Guy Gavriel Kay Anne Rose
May 27th, 12:00 pm Ribofunk by Paul Di Filippo Cathy Campbell
June 17th, 12:00 pm Adiamante by L.E. Modesitt Jr. Richard Holt
July 22nd, 12:00 pm A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge Pat Hall
August 19th, 12:00 pm
Engines of God by Jack McDevitt
Donald Simmons
September 16th, 12:00 pm Stardust by Neil Gaimen David Simmons
October 21st, 12:00 pm Eye in the Sky by Phillip K. Dick Andy Taylor
November 18th, 12:00 pm Angry Young Spaceman by Jim Munroe Peter Halasz
Note: December meeting is a private meeting for members only.

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