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Meeting Topics The Space-Time Continuum is a reading/discussion group dedicated to exploring the boundaries of science fiction, and arguing about it all the way. We hold monthly meetings in which members pick the topic (ranging from novels to movies to comics) and present it to the group, leading a discussion. Afterwards, we retire for coffee and socializing, maybe even to carry on the conversation.

NEW LOCATION AND DAY FOR 2011: After many years at the Palmerston Library, the Space-Time Continuum is moving to Bakka Phoenix Books and changing our meeting days to Sunday.

Special thanks to the Palmerston Library and the TPL for all of their years of support. Thanks to Bakka Phoenix Books for welcoming us to our new location.

Other activities of the group have included bowling, movie nights and the occasional Bookstore/Pub Crawl.

The Space-Time Continuum has been in existence since 1989, having been founded by Walter Giesbrecht and Rebecca Senese.

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